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10 Favorite Fall Wines

Autumn is the perfect time to linger a little longer in the kitchen and cook those soul warming meals we crave when the weather turns chilly. It is also the perfect opportunity to switch up what you’ve been drinking to pair with these more savory meals. I put together 10 grape varieties I think you should try this fall. Cozy up, drink a glass, and let us know what you think!

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Wine and Cheese Pairings for Summer

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we live for summer! The thought of warm weeks ahead is what gets us through the grey and misty months of winter. We don’t dare leave the NW in the summer months, because it’s glorious! We stay close to home, with heaps of deliciousl produce and vibrant flowers growing everywhere we look.

On the topic of summertime... it’s no secret we love picnics, wine and cheese boards this time of year. Just thinking about the best pairings makes us want to do a happy dance! A few weeks into the summer, we packed our baskets …

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