Thanksgiving Entertaining


Thanksgiving time is a favorite of ours here at Secret Supper. It kind of embodies everything we hold dear: intentionally gathering around a beautiful table full of our favorite people, great food and fantastic wine! As planners, we relish in the details. We love to order our turkey months in advance from our favorite farmer, plan the perfect sides and appetizers - a mix of traditional favorites blended with fun new options to fit your theme and create a Pinterest board months in advance with the prettiest of Thanksgiving tables!

Thanksgiving Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-21.jpg

If you are like us, you really get into searching Pinterest, looking for loads of creative inspiration! But some of these tablescapes can feel totally untouchable. The perfectly shiny flatware and gold rimmed plates, the beautiful on-trend linens and the elaborate florals can make you feel like you can’t create a stunning tablescape without running to the store to buy new linens or matching glassware. We promise you - making your table special and stunning for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Last week, our co-creators, Eva and Danielle got together to create a beautiful and stress free menu and Thanksgiving table. Eva made the most incredible Roast Turkey with Pears and Sage and stuffing. Head over to her site, Adventures in Cooking for the full recipe and other ideas for your Thanksgiving menu if you are in need of some inspiration! Danielle set a very seasonal and simple table using only materials she already had at her fingertips and is sharing with us what she came up with along with some ideas to help you do the same for your table!

Oh - and if you are currently lost in the wine aisle, slowly put back the Cabernet Sauvignon and check out our recent article on our 10 Favorite Fall Wines we are drinking right now!

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The cornerstone of this table is actually pretty darn simple. I created a ‘swag’ across the center of the table from a few branches of beautiful autumn leaves foraged from the yard. I filled it in with more fallen leaves, some dried pussy willows saved from last season and leftover Bosc pears that Eva didn’t use for her turkey.

Tip: once a branch has been taken off of the tree, the leaves will stop changing colors and you can maintain the vibrance of the leaves for a couple weeks!

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-2.jpg

Mismatch is okay

Don’t sweat it if your plates don’t match or you don’t have the same glass for every single place setting. There is beauty in an eclectic table. This thanksgiving table was created with four different dinner plates that didn’t match the salad plates and three different styles of linen napkins. If you coordinate your pieces in similar tones or textures, they don’t have to be exactly the same. This can add a ton of interest and make your table one of a kind.

Thanksgiving Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-4.jpg

Special Touches

I added a little more flair to the napkins by tying them with twine and feathers foraged from Eva’s chickens. I just love how cute the little feathers are!

Other ‘free’ special touches we love: Foraged dried florals or leaves from the yard, evergreen branches or herbs, pretty river rocks or acorns, borrowing your grandmothers vintage pendants or broaches, seasonal fruit like persimmons, figs or mini pears, a cinnamon stick, or a little hand-lettered menu!

Thanksgiving Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-20.jpg


Even our candles were previously used! Sometimes a more lived in table feels more inviting and real. So don’t be afraid to put down that table cloth with the red wine stain. It tells a story just like the people gathered around that table. If you put thoughtfulness and your heart energy into your table and your food, its beauty will be obvious.

Happy hosting guys! We wish you the happiest and warmest of all Thanksgivings! Share your table or menu with us on Instagram using the hashtag: #secretsuppertable

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-2.jpg
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Thanksgiving Menu by Eva Kosmas Flores-2.jpg
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