Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation. Through these experiences, we’ve found our passion to inspire intentional living.

To rediscover the beauty in the everyday and pinpoint the extraordinary in the routine, allowing ourselves to be inspired by the way we live. To get lost in the complexities of the many things we take for granted, and find the common ground that connects us all, what helps us feel alive.

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Grounded in their friendship and their passion for sustainable foods and community, inspired by travel, and driven by an overwhelming energy to create and share with others, Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores are the creative minds behind Secret Supper.


Danielle Firle

Danielle is Secret Supper’s Creative Director. Her focus is on developing innovative and compelling content and experiences and driving brand direction. She’s an accredited wine expert and owner of Tendue, an award-winning event space located in Portland, OR.

Eva Kosmas Flores

Eva captures the incredible images that launched the brand and show the magic at the table during each Supper. She’s the mastermind behind the popular blog, Adventures in Cooking and has written, styled, and photographed two cookbooks: Adventures in Chicken and Adventures in Cooking.