Secret Supper began with a dream to bring people together in an incredible setting, around a table filled with earthy food, great wine, and endless conversation.

Fascinated by the impact of our Supper Series, we are on a mission to expand the ways in which we inspire and engage our audience. At our table, during our workshops, and through our digital content, we inspire people worldwide to share the magic of intentional living.

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the founders

Grounded in their friendship and their passion for sustainable foods and community, inspired by travel, and driven by an overwhelming energy to create and share with others, Danielle Firle and Eva Kosmas Flores are the creative minds behind Secret Supper.



Danielle grew up in a tiny town in Minnesota. She spent her early years learning gardening, foraging, and cooking from her father, before making her way to the Pacific Northwest. As an interior designer and an accredited wine expert, she focuses on creating and sharing fascinating experiences inspired by food, wine and nature. Danielle often hosts wine-pairing and styling workshops at her creative studio, Tendue, and around the world. As Secret Supper's creative director, she designs and leads execution of each Supper to make sure our guests have an incredible experience. At home, Danielle enjoys cooking organic foods and exploring the world through wine . 



Eva is a native Oregonian, raised in her parents’ Greek restaurant and deli, she learned that food can ignite excitement, even in the most reserved individuals. Eva started shooting 15 years ago and eventually created her incredible blog, Adventures in Cooking. She has authored and photographed two cookbooks:  First We Eat and Adventures in Chicken. Eva also loves teaching and traveling, she facilitates photography, styling, and branding workshops worldwide, through her workshops series: First We Eat.  As a co-founder of Secret Supper, Eva enjoys creating mesmerizing settings for our guests, as well as shooting the official content at each of our Suppers.  At home, in Portland, Oregon, Eva is an avid gardener and a lover of the outdoors.